Walking In The Moonlight


Strictly limited edition, only 25 fine art photos of “Walking In the Moon Light” Available.

Step 1. Framing (Optional)

The frame above is for display purposes only and is not included. However, we can provide your canvas stretched onto a hard wood frame (see examples here) for only $200 per print (available for Australian orders only)    Add framing

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Walking in the Moonlight at Ellis Beach

Ellis Beach just north of Cairns is one of my favourite camping locations. Even though I prefer bush camping to caravan parks this location has such a perfect vista that you can’t go wrong especially after  three weeks on the road it is a great location to relax for a few days. But of course an Australian Landscape Photographer never rests, you are always looking for that perfect image.

“Walking In The Moon Light” was photographed using only moon light back in large May 2010, after lining up the photo I waited 20 minutes  for the moon to rise, and yes the camera was mounted on a tripod. This I feel really created such depth in the image, a lot op people think this was a daylight photo and the moon is the sun. If you look carefully  you can see a couple standing on the beach.

Ellis Beach is located just north of busy Cairns and south of Port Douglas.  This location is just a great place to be, there is one caping ground right on the beach which is  where I prefer to stay and unwind for a few days when in the area.

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