Parry Lagoon


Strictly limited edition, only 25 fine art photos of “Parrys lagoon” Available.

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A place for Birds to enjoy.

The Kimberley is one of those places that you must visit. In my opinion it has the best light in Australia ideal for landscape photography (those cobalt blue sky’s). Despite how inviting the water looks you just must remember not to swim in most of the rivers and lakes. Parry Lagoon is no exception to this rule as crocodiles  inhabit these tranquil waters.

I was in a rush after photographing parts of Wyndham, the light was failing  and I did not have much time left ion the day  but I managed to arrive at Parry Lagoon a bird heaven. I could not believe just how wonderful this place is, with so many diverse species of birds and a great boardwalk for photographers and naturalists to use. Those finial minutes in the day and those just after sunset offer in my opinion the best light of the day. If you photographed this scene in the middle of the day the strong sky would  overpower the softness of the lagoon an simply the photo would not work.

Parry lagoon  is  half an hours drive from Wyndham Western Australia.  Its reputation for an abundance of bird life is renowned. When I arrived I could not believe the natural light, wow. This landscape Photograph is exactly how it appeared as is with all my photos no coloured filters or photoshop techniques have been applied.

Lloyd Howlett’s Australian landscape limited edition photographs are printed on archival quality canvas (designed to last well in to the next century and beyond) individually numbered and signed. Making each print completely individual.

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