The Flying Egret (part one)


Strictly limited edition, only 25 fine art photos of “Flying Egret, part one” Available.

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Australian Egret

Back in 2010 I had arrived in  Croydon (Gulf Country of Northern Australia). This is an amazing little town with a key focus for the tourist, without being to much. It is well worth speeding a few hours walking through town and seeing just what it has to offer. Personally I liked the general store which looked like it had come straight out of the 1960’s.

The Camping area was on private land 20 km East of Normantown   in the Gulf Country Called Leichardt Lagoon Run by John Beard (07 4745 1330)  well priced at the time. I was lucky that night there was a camp kitchen offering a 3 course dinner for only $5, bargain. The abundance of bird life was simply amazing. I had been advised by locals that the bird life around dawn was spectacular so once again up before dawn, wow I was not disappointed with the outcome . Such a great feeling photographing this bird and so many others that morning.

I photographed  this bird with a Nikon 200-400 f4 lens and wish I had my 600mm lens of today but you cant have everything. Because of the low light I needed my Manfrotto B55 Tripod, you could not hand hold these shots.

Lloyd Howlett’s Australian landscape limited edition photographs are printed on archival quality canvas (designed to last well in to the next century and beyond) individually numbered and signed. Making each print completely individual.

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