Two Trees (Cape York)


Strictly limited edition, only 25 fine art photos of “Two Trees” Available.

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Cape York Is as far away from Melbourne as you can get on main land Australia.

This picturesque  landscape photo is taken just prior to dawn at Loyalty Beach which is just north of Seisia on Cape York. The same day I took this picture realised a life time dream and drove to the very top of Australia. I could literally look down on all of Australia, it was an amazing experience. With strong winds howling up the east coat and a dead calm no wind at all coming up from the western side. You had to take notice of the extreme contrasts in winds.

Cape York is nearly as far North as you can drive in Australia. My inspiration in photographing this location was due to an 1970’s adventure series call the “Ask Leyland Brothers” (1970’s  TV explores of Australia prior to modern road and good communication)

Cape York Peninsula is a remote peninsula located in Far North Queensland, at the tip of the state of Queensland (The pointy bit) Australia. Because of its remoteness it houses the largest  wilderness area in northern Australia and one of the last remaining wilderness areas on Earth.

Lloyd Howlett’s Australian landscape limited edition photographs are printed on archival quality canvas (designed to last well in to the next century and beyond) individually numbered and signed. Making each print completely individual.

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