Sunset At Rainbow


Strictly limited edition, only 25 fine art photos of “Sunset At Rainbow” Available.

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Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve

Only 100 km or so south of Alice Springs is the Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve. Sunset is the best time of the day to visit this locality as the finial rays of light from the sun bringing  out the best of the colours in this rocky escarpment.

Though saying that in the first part of the morning you could see local Kites and Falcons flying above, they were probably looking down trying to catch one of the many mice that were around at the time I took this landscape photo. I had been warned by people several weeks earlier that the mice plague was so bad that if you put your greasy fry pan on the ground it would quickly fill with hungry little mice.

Luckily for me by the time I had arrived the nights were getting colder and the local food supplies were running out for my little friends. This did not stop me from pulling up the steps on my camper trailer so my little friends could not join me for dinner. I also sprayed a very strong insecticide around  all of the contact points with the ground, i.e. wheels, posts and poles.

Lloyd Howlett’s Australian landscape limited edition photographs are printed on archival quality canvas (designed to last well in to the next century and beyond) individually numbered and signed. Making each print completely individual.

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