Sunset On Lake Eyre


Strictly limited edition, only 25 fine art photos of “Sunset On Lake Ayre” Available.

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One of the  worst roads I have ever driven was the road fromWilliam Creek ( South Australia) to Lake Eyre. Fifty six kilometres of jaw shaking hell at 30 kilometres per hour. But arriving at Lake Eyre (an inland sea when it has water) was just an amazing experience.  So calm so beautiful this is one of those times that you really had to be there in person for the sunset, for me it it had the wow factor that day.

In 2011 there had been abundant rains which meant the spinifex  grass grew like there was no tomorrow which in effect meant  one of the works mouse plagues on record.  I have a Ultimate camper trailer which is one of those trailers that you have to walk up steps to gain  entry, the mouse plague  was so bad I had to pull up my steps to stop the little darlings from getting inside.

People were camped near by in a tent the mice ate there way in making it impossible for sleep so my neighbours had to seep in the car that night., cuts crazy.

Lake Eyre, officially  is the lowest point in Australia, it is 15 m below sea level. When id does fill to capacity (on average once every seven years) it becomes  the largest  lake in Australia. Most of the time it is a flat salt pan, which lies some 700km north of Adelaide (capital of South Australia). The lake was named after  Edward John Eyre, who discovered it in 1840.

Lloyd Howlett’s Australian landscape limited edition photographs are printed on archival quality canvas (designed to last well in to the next century and beyond) individually numbered and signed. Making each print completely individual.

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