Sleeping Fords


Strictly limited edition, only 25 fine art photos of “Sleeping Fords” Available.

Step 1. Framing (Optional)

The frame above is for display purposes only and is not included. However, we can provide your canvas stretched onto a hard wood frame (see examples here) for only $200 per print (available for Australian orders only)    Add framing

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You could fry an egg on one of he sleeping Ford trucks it was that hot!

You could just about cook and egg on the bonnet’s of one of these old Ford trucks after coming from the coast I could not believe the heat even in the middle of winter when I got out of the car back in 2010. When you travel Australia you never quite know what you will find in this case in far north Queensland I was looking for a forgotten age of mining, and discovered a Ford Museum as well. This was run by an old timer who had restored many old Fords some of which would be worth a lot in todays money. Not on any tourist map you had to ask the locals for this hidden gem.

That sense of discovery is just  one of the things I love about landscape photography. For me the art of photography is just one element of my work, the other is that sense of discovery and adventure which drives me to excel.  Chillagoe in northern Queensland, Australia, was once a thriving mining town, it is now  a small zinc mine and some marble quarries.  I came across a limestone reef at the  Chillagoe caves  (worth the visit if only for the spiral stair case, which leads you out of one of the caves)


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