Ant Hills (Gregory N.P)


Strictly limited edition, only 25 fine art photos of “Ant Hills” Available.

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Those strange towers which ants live in.

I was traveling through the kimberley along the Victoria Highway when I decided to get off the road and go for a bit of a landscape photographers  discovery walk in the Gregory National Park. This  is near the Victoria River Road house, which when I arrived  at later realised that my tyres were waring on the outside wall so I had to  do a tyre rotation given the heat this was not fun.  As usual when you get out of the pleasant air-conditioned 4wd it is a bit of a shock to the system , it was hot and humid this day and my glasses fogged up (you get that).

When you walk through the Australian outback looking for outstanding landscape images to photograph it is amazing just what you will find these ant hills were the last thing I expected to see and photograph. I had not seen anything like this before, it’s uniqueness caught my eye. Not Being an entomologist I cant really say much about Australian ants except to keep clear of them as they do bite and some species can even jump.

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